Pipeliner CRM Hybrid API

We are pleased to announce that on October 27, 2016, we released the update to Pipeliner CRM Server API.

Here is the upgrade guide, with the change log, that helps you prepare your integration with Pipeliner CRM for this release.


1. New Entities

  • OpptyRecurrence
  • ActivityRecurrence

2. Changed Entities


  • removed field EXCHANGE (‼ breaking change)
  • removed field EXCHANGE_RATES_LIST_ID (‼ breaking change)
  • added required field EXCHANGE_RATES (‼ breaking change)


  • removed field VALID_TO (‼ breaking change)
  • added field EXCHANGE_RATES (‼ breaking change)


  • removed field ACCESS_MNG_REPORT_EXPORT (‼ breaking change)
  • removed field ACCESS_ADDRESSBOOK_EXPORT (‼ breaking change)
  • added field ACCESS_EXPORT


  • added field ALLOWED_PIPELINES
  • added field PIPELINE_RELATIONS


  • added field CURRENCY_ID

Activity, Appointment, Message

  • removed field ADDRESSBOOK_ID (‼ breaking change)
  • removed field OPPTY_ID (‼ breaking change)
  • added field RELATIONS_OPPTY

3. Other Changes

  • current currencies have changed, check relation to CURRENCY_ID on all custom fields if it is still valid. (‼ breaking change)
  • default activity type Call can no longer be deleted.

Upgrade Notes

With the upcoming release of Pipeliner CRM Continuity there are breaking changes which affect mostly Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity entities as well as the Activities, Appointments and Feed Messages.

There are also changes which affect some minor entities like MasterRight, Currency and ExchangeRateList as well.

Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts

Leads, opportunities, accounts and contacts entities are affected only if you are using foreign currencies.

If you are working with base currency only, there is nothing to do.

However, if you are working with foreign currencies in your integration and you are using static values in CURRENCY_ID field, there is a high chance that you will have to change mappings for these values, as number of records in Currency entity has changed.

Activities, Appointments and Messages

Until now, all activities, appointments as well as feed messages could be mapped to single related record.

Since Pipeliner Continuity (v11.x), this relation has changed to N:M, where a single activity could have multiple leads, opportunities, accounts and contacts entities.

Due to this change fields ADDRESSBOOK_ID has changed from string to list of string in new field RELATIONS_ADDRESSBOOK.

The same approach was used with relations to lead and opportunities, where OPPTY_ID has changed to RELATIONS_OPPTY.

Currencies and Exchange Lists

Until now, each currency was mapped to single exchange rate. This way in the database, it was possible to have multiple currencies with the same code for separate exchanges.

Since Pipeliner Continuity (v11.x), this relation has changed to N:M relation with few currencies (each with unique code) and multiple exchange rates. Our API shows these exchange rates in field EXCHANGE_RATES as a list of associative arrays. This field contains former fields EXCHANGE_RATES_LIST_ID and EXCHANGE. You can see an example below:

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This field is available by-directional, so exchange rate list has field EXCHANGE_RATES as well. See example below:

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When working with currencies and exchange rates, our API validates that each currency have defined value for current exchange rate.

Master Rights

Not much changes here. Just field ACCESS_MNG_REPORT_EXPORT and ACCESS_ADDRESSBOOK_EXPORT merged into ACCESS_EXPORT. If you worked with one of these two fields, you will have to use ACCESS_EXPORT field instead.