About the API

API formats

The Pipeliner API endpoints are documented in REST API or GraphQL API reference.

Download API endpoints

You can download the Rest API JSON in Open Api 3.0.0 format and import it to the tools like Postman, Insomnia. In case you are using GraphQL, you can import GraphQL Schema to the Insomnia as well

Rest API download: openapi.json

GraphQL Schema download: GraphQL.json

API URL Syntax

For Rest API or GraphQL API the URL Syntax stays the same

Rest API BaseURL Format


GraphQL API BaseURL Format


The BaseURL is divided into the following three sections:

Service URL

The Service URL of Pipeliner CRM APIs is generated dynamically at the time of creating an application. This usually depends on the geographical area where the space is located. For the Service URL, you need to have an active API application.

Space and Space ID

Space ID is the identifier of the space where you are trying to connect. Space ID can be found in the process of obtaining API Access.


Endpoints are the API methods combined with the corresponding entity.

Example of final BaseURL


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