Merging Accounts/Contacts

This tutorial should help you merge Accounts or Contact. Before moving forward, make sure your Authentication works and you understand the Key Concepts of the Pipeliner API, and make sure you know how to use API parameters

When you have two similar Accounts or Contacts you can use merge functionality to move all data from a duplicate to the master record. The Duplicate will be deleted at the same time

Merging Accounts

Merging Contacts

Example of Account Merging

The merging functionality through API works in the same way as in the Application.

/POST /entities/Accounts/merge
    "master": {
        "id": "4590b5a8-134a-404e-96f5-b40256bebc39"
    "secondary_ids": [

master- This record will inherit data from a duplicate defined in secondary_ids

secondary_ids - An Array of Duplicates, use Account IDs to specify the Accounts. All duplicates are automatically deleted

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