Create Contact

This tutorial should help you create the first Contact. Before moving forward, make sure your Authentication works and you understand the Key Concepts of the Pipeliner API ,and make sure you know how to use API parameters

The Contact represents existing contact from the company, that your company is dealing with. Go to the web Application and Contacts can be located on the Contacts screen. Contact should not be standalone records, but they should always be linked to the Accounts.

Tutorial Assignment

Create a Contact in Pipeliner with Job Position/Job Title. This contact will be linked with one Account.

0. Required fields

Required API field NameDescription

first_name or last_name

Name of the Contact. Name of the Contact is created as "Fist_name" + "Middle_Name" + "Last_Name"

Required: at least one of the first_name, last_name


Id of the User in Pipeliner Application

1. Prepare Data


Load an id of the user with the default sales unit. This user will become the owner of the newly created Contact.

            "id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000011a7d",
            "default_unit_id": "aba4a358-f3f8-4f55-b3ed-dd5cf589103b"

We don´t necessarily need to load the default unit id. If only owner_id is specified in the final request, Pipeliner will automatically create contact with the default User´s sales unit. (See step 2. of this tutorial)


We want to assign this contact with an Account. We are going to search for Accounts by email address. But you can use whatever parameter.

            "is_delete_protected": false,
            "id": "0bc376a4-c579-413a-9221-e86e4a134766",
            "is_deleted": false,
            "modified": "2019-02-01 10:01:23.011709+00:00",
            "created": "2019-01-30 11:44:23.586083+00:00",
            "account_type": "",
            "customer_type": "",
            "industry": "",
            "owner": "",
            "parent_account": null,
            "parent_account_relation_type": null,
            "picture": "",
            "unit": "",
            "account_class": 5,
            "account_type_id": "a456236f-6f23-0908-abfd-384aa0f62f9e",
            "address": "7 Lillian Plaza",
            "city": "Coronda",
            "comments": "",
            "country": "Argentina",
            "customer_type_id": "04444b3a-c669-03bc-2c49-bcd7f047d41a",
            "email1": "",
            "email2": "",
            "email3": "",
            "email4": "",
            "email5": "",
            "health_category": null,
            "health_status": null,
            "home_page": "",
            "industry_id": "acbda72f-2054-0b71-9d42-cb35aaa37600",
            "name": "Ziemann and Sons",
            "owner_id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000011a3d",
            "parent_account_id": null,
            "parent_account_relation_type_id": null,
            "phone1": "+1 (888) 500-8000",

2. Create Contact

Let´s Take data from Step 1. and use them in the following request to create a Contact.

    "first_name": "Pipeliner",
    "position": "This is position in Quick Account Position field",
    "owner_id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000011a7d",
    "account_relations": [
        "account_id": "0bc376a4-c579-413a-9221-e86e4a134766",
        "position": "This is Primary Account Job Title",
        "is_primary": true

Linking Contact to Account

To Link Contact with Account, we are going to create relation by creating new primary relation in account_relations array

Setting up the Position

position - In Pipeliner Application this api_field is called Quick Account Position. This is the Contact field. Use this field when you are not linking Contact with Account immediately.

account_position - This is Primary Account Job Title. This position is linked directly with the Account. It is recommended to use this api_field, as Contacts might have different positions on different Accounts.

Possible Errors

Error descriptionResolution

Error on field account_relations. Exactly one 'is_primary' item must be set.

Use is_primary flag for Account relation object.

-When creating account relations at least one Account needs to be primary -When creating contact relations at least one Contact needs to be primary

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