Pipeliner sends a maximum of 100 (Default: 30) records per request. The limit can be changed by API parameter first

Pagination is available after the successful call of all .list Endpoints. Then API returns the following data

	"success": true,
	"total": 107,
	"page_info": {
		"start_cursor": "WyIwMzU4NmNhMS1mMmJjLTQ2MDctYWE3Ni1jYWYyYTNlOWQ5ODciXQ==",
		"end_cursor": "WyI0MGUxMGE1MC00ZTYxLTQ0M2YtYmUzOC0xNmNjMzQ5NTM2NGUiXQ==",
		"has_previous_page": false,
		"has_next_page": true
	"data": [...]

Using Cursor for pagination

To retrieve all data, it is recommended to use end_cursor with combination of API Parameter after. Iterate through the list, until the has_next_page is false


Pagination done programatically

while has_next_page, do get_records(after=end_cursor)

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