Pipeliner CRM Cloud API

This guide is intended for developers who are creating integration with other systems (e.g. CRM) or want to implement their own addons to Pipeliner. It is recommended to be familiar with the GraphQL syntax and usage. To learn more about using GraphQL, please see the Introduction to GraphQL.


To find a proper endpoint, use following URL:

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The result of this URL contains all information necessary for your integration, like basic endpoint as well as it’s schema specification.

The parameter <service_id> can be obtained the same way as API credentials (see how to obtain credentials). Here is the example for the valid GraphQL endpoint:

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Each GraphQL call is authorized by username and password, via basic authentication method. Their access is limited to only specific team spaces and only for their integration purposes. API credentials is possible to obtain via team space administration. Use API Token as username and API Password as password.