Pipeliner CRM Cloud API

Welcome to the Pipeliner CRM API Tutorial.

Keeping our API reference accurate, up-to-date, and easy to understand is really important to us. If you have any questions, spot any mistakes or want to give us any feedback, just drop us a line.

Our aim to create this tutorial is to guide the Software Developers to understand how our APIs work so that they can efficiently integrate and implement the APIs.

Request URL syntax:
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The below illustration explains the parts of the request URL.

The request URL is divided into the following three sections:

Service URL

The Service URL of Pipeliner CRM APIs is generated dynamically at the time of creating an application. Once you have obtained the API key, you must associate your API key to an application that you want to integrate with the Pipeliner CRM APIs.

Space and Space ID

Space ID is the identifier for the Space you create.


Endpoints are the entities you want to connect with and perform various operations on the corresponding entity.

Next steps

How to build Request URL and get Service URL, Space ID read in How to get Authenticated Tutorial