Pipeliner CRM Hybrid API

Interview with Clint Wilson

We talked to Clint Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Cazoomi, about application integration and about the Pipeliner CRM Developers Platform

Why did you decide to build an integration with Pipeliner CRM?
Building an integration to top CRMs is what Cazoomi does. Pipeliner folks met that hurdle by their customer base.

What kind of integration did you build?
Cazoomi integrates Pipeliner with all of our marketing automation platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact and others.

What was your overall feeling when working with Pipeliner CRM API documentation?
When we first took a look at Pipeliner’s API, we could see that it was really straightforward. We quickly built the integrations our subscribers demanded.

About SyncApps by Cazoomi

SyncappsCazoomi (San Francisco, CA), a cloud services & solution provider founded in 2009, enables its members with solutions ranging from SyncApps® & software selection, consulting services implementation, integration, support and custom development services for any size business. With its global presence, Cazoomi provides clients with the best platform models suitable for their business development and technology integration. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and with 4 overseas offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, Cazoomi has unsurpassed front-end engagement teams with a highly flexible & scalable delivery model.

Pipeliner CRM Apps Marketplace

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