Pipeliner CRM Hybrid API

We are pleased to announce that on October 26, 2017, we released the new Pipeliner CRM Server API.

The most recent version of the Pipeliner CRM Server API is version 12.0, which was introduced on May 3, 2016.

Here is the upgrade guide, with the change log, that helps you prepare your integration with Pipeliner CRM for this new release.


1. Deleted Entities

No entities were deleted.

2. New Entities

No new entities were introduced.

3. Changed Entities

  • TaskType – added field IS_READONLY
  • AppointmentType – added field IS_READONLY
  • MasterRight
    • removed field ACCESS_HIT_RATE (breaking change!)
    • removed field ACCESS_TIMELINE (breaking change!)
  • Task – a new icon set for field ICON is available.
  • Appointment – a new icon set for field ICON is available.
  • StageChecklistActivityTemplate – added field ACTIVITY_SALES_UNIT_ID

4. Other Changes

Entity Task and Appointment can have custom fields.

Upgrade Notes

There are no breaking changes for API version 23, unless you were using either ACCESS_TIMELINE or ACCESS_HIT_RATE in MasterRight entity. These fields are no longer supported via the API.

If you are still using API version 21, please read the Chronology API release notes first.