Pipeliner CRM Cloud API

Step #1: Authentication

Pipeliner CRM API is using Basic authentication which consists of username and password. Each team space has its own Pipeliner CRM API Keys which is used as username and password.

In order to obtain your team space Pipeliner CRM API Keys follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Pipeliner CRM space here: https://crm.pipelinersales.com using your Pipeliner CRM account.
  2. Go to the administration.
  3. Under the General tab, click on the “Obtain API Key”.
  4. Copy your Pipeliner CRM API Keys. Use API Token as your username and API Password as your password. Besides token and password, there is also Space ID. We will use it in step #2.

(see the video on the right for more help)

How to obtain Pipeliner CRM API Keys

Step #2: Looking for a proper endpoint

This step requires basic knowledge of HTTP requests and JSON structure. Use your space id, obtained from Step #1 and query following endpoint:

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The result of this URL contains all information necessary for your integration, like basic endpoint as well as it’s schema specification for both REST and GraphQL as well.

Here is the example for team space v100_fr_live:

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Step #3: Testing endpoints

Using valid API credentials obtained from Step #1 and valid endpoint obtained from Step #2, we can test if the connection is correct by retrieving a list of active users in space. Our API supports GraphQL and JSON via REST.


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