Pipeliner CRM Cloud API

Create an account

This tutorial explains how you can create an Account, an entity type, in the Pipeliner CRM. The Account entity stores information regarding the organizations you are targeting or already have won business with. To know more about the Account entity, refer to the article – Understanding Accounts and Contacts.

You can create a new account using the Accounts.create endpoint. However, before you can use this endpoint, you must have the following details.

  • Service URL
  • Space ID

To learn more about how to obtain the Service URL and Space ID details, see the tutorial.


There are various parameters that you can pass as the payload to create a new account. However, name and owner_id are mandatory parameters. Click here to know more about the other parameters that you can add as the payload to the HTTP request for creating an account.

Parameter name Value Description
name string Required. Name of the entity and its default text representation.
owner_id string Required. Relation to single entity instance.

Note: Using the POSTMAN tool, you can run the Accounts.list endpoint request to fetch the owner_id for the account you are creating.

List Account

Endpoint name: Accounts.create

This endpoint uses the POST method to create a new account.

Request URL Syntax
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Example Request URL
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Note: For identifying your space_id, refer to the tutorial About API.

Example Request Body

The request body is passed as raw JSON data format.

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Example Response
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Status code

Success: true

After passing the POST request to create a new account, if you get the “success”: true message, then it means your record is created successfully.

How to create a new account using Postman

You can use Postman or any other API tool for creating a new account using Accounts.create API. The below screenshot explains the steps to send the request with the required parameters in the JSON format.

Create Account

Next Steps

After creating the account, you may want to link it with a lead and a contact. To link an account with a lead and contact:

  • In the Pipeliner UI, use the contact list to fetch the contact name that you want to link with the lead.
    If you do not have the contact name in the contact list, then create a contact.
  • Use the Leads.list endpoint to fetch a list of all the leads.