Pipeliner CRM Cloud API

The process to get the API key is straightforward. All you need to do is visit the Getting Started section and follow the steps to get the API keys.

Note: To test and integrate the Pipeliner CRM APIs, it is mandatory to have the API keys. The Pipeliner CRM uses a basic authentication method to send any request to the backend. The basic authentication method includes Service URL, Space ID, Username, and Password to verify each request.

To get the base URL, Space, and basic authentication details:

    1. Click Menu menu and click Administration to navigate to the administrator view.
    2. Click Units, Users & Roles, and click Applications.Units, Users & Roles
    3. Click on the application name to open LeadConnector. If you are creating a new application, click Create New button.Create New Application
    4. Click on the Show API Access button to view the Username, Password, Space ID, and Service URL.API Access Details

Note: Copy the Username, Password, Space ID, and Service URL to your clipboard as you will need all these details to test the API endpoints.