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Pipeliner CRM HTTP API Documentation

Read and use the Pipeliner CRM API to build integrations between Pipeliner CRM and other apps using raw HTTP protocols.

The REST API allows you to access Pipeliner entities through the HTTP protocol. Each entity is represented by a collection named with the plural form of entity's name. Rest calls are authenticated by the Basic authentication mechanism.

You can access the REST API at the following endpoints:


You have to make your calls against the REST API to the datacenter in which the raget pipeline's database is physically stored.
You can determine this URL by calling:<teamSpaceDbName>/teamPipelineUrl

Accepted encodings

  • The API accepts and returns JSON encoded objects in the body of requests and responses.
  • Pretty printing
  • Every call supports formatting of the result by using URL parameter prettyprint={true|false}. The default behavior is non indenting (prettyprint=false).