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Interview with Mike Morper

We talked to Mike Morper, Co-Founder and CMO of Illumineto, about his experience with the Pipeliner CRM Developers Platform.

Why did you decide to build an integration with Pipeliner CRM?
At Illumineto, we believe sales reps need to be “micro marketers” themselves and provide their prospects much more highly tailored information that what marketing teams can otherwise deliver. One of our best customers is a Pipeliner CRM sales manager. As we got to better know him and his company, we quickly discovered that Pipeliner and Illumineto share a common view of the evolving relationship between sales and marketing and specifically, the needs of sales professionals. Integrating our sales engagement platform with the Pipeliner CRM system which provides visual insight into pipeline and prospects was a no brainer.

What kind of integration did you build?
Illumineto Spark is a sales engagement platform which helps sales reps quickly find, then deliver, information to help their prospects make faster purchase decisions. Our platform tracks email delivery, opens and what content a sales rep’s prospect reviews. With this insight, reps can better prioritize their time and sales approach with their prospects. Our integration with Pipeliner CRM delivers all of this prospect insight in real-time into the Pipeliner Opportunity records, making it much easier for sales reps to make well-informed decisions with all appropriate data well represented within Pipeliner CRM.

What was your overall feeling when working with Pipeliner CRM API documentation?
Our development team found the Pipeliner CRM API to be very well documented and easy to work with. But more importantly, when we did have questions as well as suggestions, the Pipeliner team was highly responsive and appreciative of our ideas for making our joint solution even better. All integrations should be this easy.

About Illumineto

IllumentoIllumineto (Gaithersburg, MD) provides a cloud-based sales acceleration and engagement solution to drive increased revenue for an organization by making its sales professionals more efficient, effective and persuasive in their engagements with prospects.

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