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Interview with Karm Khanna

We spoke with Karm Khanna, founder and CEO of FamCom, about his experience with the Pipeliner CRM Developers Platform.

Why did you decide to build an integration with Pipeliner CRM?
Pipeliner’s API is robust and its marketplace is ever-growing. As we reviewed their API, we saw how easy and well documented it was. It exposes a lot of endpoints for maximum flexibility and that’s why we decided to build atop it.

What kind of integration did you build?
We built a DocuSign e-signature solution. Using Konnection.io’s Pipeliner-Docusign connector, users can email any documents attached to their leads, accounts or opportunities for an electronic signature. You can view the integration @ konnection.io.

What was your overall feeling when working with Pipeliner CRM API documentation?
We are hoping that this is one of many integrations that we will build on it. The documentation is thorough and very detailed. And our ramp-up time in getting started was minimal. We are sure that the API will enhance as new releases are added to the core platform and look forward to exploring other opportunities to build integrations.

About Famcom

famcomFamcom (Los Angeles, CA) is a striving tech company that develops custom mobile and web apps worldwide. They work around the clock with offices in 2 continents, North America and Asia. Their goal is to have at least one office on all 7 continents, to bring their service to those who need brilliant engineering across the globe. Together with clients, they turn client ideas into reality so clients can achieve their ultimate, golden vision.

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